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Frequently Asked Questions

How long before you can ship out the ramp to me?

As soon as we receive cleared payment, we can ship in 1-3 business days. 

What kind of payment do you accept?

We prefer a wire transfer or ACH. If Checks are absolutely necessary, they must clear before we can send the ramp out. Minimum of 7-10 business days.

We can also accept CC or PayPal payment however there is a fee of 5% of the total amount. Also you will need to sign an authorization form and the same person paying by PayPal must be present upon delivery. Delivery must be the same as the billing address on paypal. Signature and identification will be needed. 

Why do you have one model in stock and not all?

Usually we have the most popular model in stock which is 10MT24, however we are doing our best to have others in stock so customers do not have to wait for production. We are a growing Florida company and continuously add different models to our inventory.

How are the ramps secured to a truck or dock?

Once the ramp is in place, landing gear goes down which holds it in place. Next, there are two wheel chocks that come with the ramp that must go up against the wheels. Last there are 2 chains (one on each side) chains must be secured to the trailer or to a concrete anchored hook if using ramp as a dock to ground application. 

Are rentals available?

Yes, but we only rent to customers in the state of Florida for now. If you need more information, please read the rentals page where you can find prices and terms. If ready to rent, please email our sales department.

Why does this ramp have landing gear and wheels with hydraulic system? Most have either one or the other.

Our most popular model 10MT24 comes with both. Our engineers recommend both as it gives more stability and safety. Most of our customers like the idea of having both so this model became the most popular one we sell. 

What weight capacity should I choose?

Our most popular ramps are rated at 24,000 lbs. which are enough for most applications. However this must be adjusted  for velocity (speed at which you drive up and down the ramp to load and unload).  If driving a forklift up and down the ramp, weight is distributed unevenly. Therefore the safety limit is calculated by 3 times the forklift capacity. Example: a 6000 lbs capacity forklift/truck would require 18,000 lbs ramp at a minimum, however we would recommend going with 20,000 lbs in this case.

Some people say one hydraulic cylinder is better then 2, why did you decide to have 2 on a ramp?

Our engineers designed the ramp this way, it raises faster then one and it is more stable. 

What is your warranty on new ramps?

Please see our warranty section for all the details. There is 1 year warranty on new ramps. Typically ramps do not break down structurally, Potentially the only trouble you could have with our ramps with proper use would be the hydraulic hoses and seals.  Depending on the use of the ramp, hoses can bridle over time. The likely cause of failure is accidental breakage while moving the ramp. This is easily repaired by anyone that repairs forklifts. Broken hoses can be repaired with a hydraulic repair kit or made to size by a Hydraulic hose business near you. You can always contact us and we will do what we can to help advise you.

Do you give warranty on used ramps?

No, unfortunately we only warranty our new ramps

Still Have Questions?

Please contact us anytime!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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