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Section 179 Tax Cut

This website was designed to answer your questions regarding the Section 179 Tax Deduction, and to explain the impact the various Stimulus Acts have had on Section 179. The information on this site will clearly explain the Section 179 Deduction in plain terms, will go over what property qualifies under Section 179 for the deduction, as well as explore the myriad of ways the Section 179 deduction can impact your bottom line.

In addition, there are IRS tax forms and also tools for you to use, such as the free Section 179 Deduction Calculator currently updated for the 2017 tax year.


TBC Yard Ramps qualify for 2018 Section 179 Tax Cut under 

-Equipment (machines, etc.) purchased for business use 

 that allows you to deduct all purchase price in one year. That's like saving 35% on your purchase price. Please use the calculator link on the left to see your savings.


We at TBC-Ramps do all the reasearch for you to make sure you save the most on taxes and make the most profit in your business. We hope that you will allow us to be your Ramp supplier for years to come. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Since 2014 we have grown 800% here in Tampa, FL. We give the best customer service possible by providing heavy duty, first quality yard ramps that are affortable, durable and last for years to come. Our wide variety of ramp styles will fit your every need. We have 100s of satisfied, returning customers. Above all, we pride ourselves in being USA company. 

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