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Rentals and Buy Back Program


If purchasing is not an option, or not necessary, and a ramp is only needed for a short period of time, renting might be a good solution. We rent our ramps in the State of Florida Only, as delivery and pick up charges to other states does not save money. 

We only rent our most popular Model# 10MT24

To rent a yard ramp, the company must be fully insured and T.B.C would have to be named as additional insured on the Policy. Insurance must also include workers compensation for all employees. Ramps are rented on a prepaid basis, so if you need the ramp for 1 month, it would have to be prepaid along with delivery and pick up charge. 

To unload the ramp you will need at least 1 x 5000lbs forklift with long forks. Our ramps are shipped with front steel wheels to easy unload.

Delivery in Florida can range from $500-$1800.00

Damage deposit: Depends on Customer deductible on their insurance Policy.

Rental charges are $2500.00 per month for 2 months Minimum and $1500.00 for 3-6 months plus delivery and pick up charge which is billed up front. 

Tampa Delivery $500

Up to 75 miles from Tampa $600

Up to 150 miles  from Tampa $1000

Up to 250 miles from Tampa $1200.00

Up to 300 miles from Tampa $1800.00

For example, a company in Orlando FL. wants to rent a ramp for 2 months. $5000.00 + $500 delivery + $500 pick up = $6000.00 total charge. 

Damage deposit is added and returned after ramp returns to our depot. Damage deposit is returned if ramp is not damaged. Normal use is not applicable. 

Buy Back Program 

We will buy back our ramps from you if you are not in need of them any longer. We ONLY buy our ramps as we are sure they are in excellent working condition. 

If you need a ramp for a longer period of time, it is more economical and cost efficiant to buy a new ramp under warranty, use it for a year or two and sell it back to us. We will gladly buy it back from you.


We ONLY buy back and sell our ramps as we stand behind them. 

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