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Galvanized platform 


***New: $18,450.00 or Company Certified Used $14,450.00**

** New 34,0000LB Galvanized $19,400.00 or Company Certified Used $16,000.00

*** New 45,000Lb Galvanized $23,950 or Certified Company Used $18,950.00

*** BELOW Prices are for ramps picked up by customers from our Tampa FL. location. We can also arrange delivery to any state for the LOWEST price possible.***

New Ramps come with our 2-Year Warranty
All our Used Ramps are refurbished and go through our 27 point inspection before being offered for sale. We do not sell worn down ramps. Our used ramps are in excellent condition. We only sell our ramps that came back from being rented locally.  

Buy directly from us and save $300 compared to E-Bay listing

*****PLEASE Scroll down for specifications and pictures. 

Features:                                                                                                                            Available accessories:

- 2 Year Warranty on New Ramps.                                                                      Wheel chocks $100.00

- Grated Platform (Galvanized +$750)

- 24,000 LBS Capacity  (34,000Lb and 45,000LB available)                               Landing gear wheels to unload ramp from trailer with one forklift $300.00

​​​​​​​- Removable side rails to load from the side or load wider loads.                  Forklift attachment $325.00

- Hydraulic jack and 2 hydraulic cylinders (raise to desired height)

- Solid rubber tires

- Landing Gear for stability and safety 

- 91" Wide (86.5" usable width) Wide enough to load any car, truck or van. 

- 37ft 10in" total length (Approximate Length)

- 9.8ft level off for easy trailer access 

- Adjustable height 41 inch min to 58 inch max

- Lip Length 16.75in (Approximate Length)

- Lip Length inside trailer 12in

- 2 back flaps 35in (Adjustable to any slope) 

-Please note, we can ship our ramps in a 40ft container to anywhere in the world.

*****If buying our ramps from E-Bay and using Pay-pal there is an additional service fee on top of the price and $500.00 Pay Pal charge. 

Customer will need 2 X 4000 LBS forklift to unload a yard ramp from a 53' Van trailer, or 1 X 8000 LBS fork lift with long forks.


1 x 5000LBS forklift will be able to unload ramp with additional steel wheels installed on ramp. Steel wheels are available for additional $200.00. 

For Invoice and payment details please e-mail our sales department at:

Grated Ramps are ideal for locations with snow or farmers that load fruit which is slippery. The platform is grated so snow falls through it which makes it ideal for customers that have snow in the winter time.

PLEASE note, pictures below show galvanized and none galvanized platform. We now ONLY have galvanized platform ramps in this model as they are much more rust resistant. 

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